Location: Westminster

Westminster Course
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Level: Advanced (suitable for Upper Intermediate)

The Audio Tour

Stroll through the heart of Westminster with some very special companions: Reggie Watlins - A brave RAF pilot, Sir Winston Churchill, the infamous Guy Fawkes and the uncompromising Queen Elizabeth I. Re-live Britain's history of war, politics and the Monarchy as seen through the eyes of those who witnessed it all. The Westminster tour is a great way to understand the pride of Britain and why its history and sovereignty is so important to its people.

The Interview

There is no interview task in Westminster.

The lessons

The lessons are skills based and are associated with the themes and language of the tour. There is a focus on natural spoken discourse with students writing their own dialogues using conversational expressions taken from the tour. Students also encounter a range of words related to conflict and war, and then create their own word families. The final lesson is a reading and 'balloon type' debate class on well-known Winston Churchill quotes.

Alongside a range of learner strategies, all new language is supported and personalised by a number of interesting communicative tasks. There is an 'Additional Lessons' section provided to extend lessons over our recommended time period of a week - although please note that the resources are flexible and can be used as a one off experience or even stretched over two weeks. How you choose to run the course is entirely up to you.