Location: South Bank

South Bank Course
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Level: Upper Intermediate (suitable for Intermediate and Advanced)

The Audio Tour

Journey from St Paul's Cathedral to Borough Market, crossing paths with an assortment of fantastic characters as you go - Cyril the Blitz fireman, William Shakespeare, Samuel Pepys and Sir Francis Drake to name but a few! Soak in the atmosphere of the South Bank and its amazing history, as your companions divulge secrets from London's dramatic past, from the Great Plague to the Second World War! The South Bank tour is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in London's dark and fascinating history.

The Interview

The tour includes an interviewing task where students have the opportunity to mix with some of the welcoming characters to be found in and around The famous Borough Market. The authentic exchange is a great opportunity for students to gain a newfound confidence with their speaking skills.

The lessons

The lessons are skills based and are all linked to the themes and language of the tour. There is a strong focus on language of recommendation with students presenting their own cities. Students also encounter a range of adjectives to describe personality in a John Lennon news article and consolidate new language with their own writing tasks. The lesson follows on with the task of an extended presentation on a historical figure.

Alongside a range of learner strategies, all new language is supported and personalised by a number of interesting communicative tasks. There is an 'Additional Lessons' section provided to extend lessons over our recommended time period of a week - although please note that the resources are flexible and can be used as a one off experience or even stretched over two weeks. How you choose to run the course is entirely up to you.