Location: Soho

Soho Course
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Level: Intermediate (suitable for Pre and Upper Intermediate) *Certificate 15

The Audio Tour

Wander through the cosmopolitan streets of Soho with your trusted companion; the Ghost of Soho! From the old red light district to the fashionable café filled streets, the tour delves into Soho's bohemian history and culture. The Soho tour is a magical way to capture the essence of the village at the heart of London that our students rarely see!

The Interview

The tour includes an interviewing task where students have the opportunity to talk to the local workers and visitors in and around Soho Square. The authentic exchange is a great opportunity for students to gain a newfound confidence with their speaking skills.

The lessons

The lessons are skills based and are all linked to the themes and language of the tour. There is a strong focus on asking for and giving directions, including a look at indirect language and polite and formal register. Students also encounter a range of varied language to describe their cities and later consolidate new language with personalised writing tasks about their home towns.

Alongside a range of learner strategies, all new language is supported and personalised by a number of interesting communicative tasks. There is an 'Additional Lessons' section provided to extend lessons over our recommended time period of a week - although please note that the resources are flexible and can be used as a one off experience or even stretched over two weeks. How you choose to run the course is entirely up to you.