London Language Courses - what are they?

Our audio tours take students out onto the streets of London and bring the English language alive in a thrilling and cinematic way. The experience is multi-sensory and with the sights, sounds and smells of the city streets around them, alongside the movement and language input of our audio, the students enjoy a magical learning experience which caters for a full range of learner styles.

Complete with coursebook and four multiple level London audio tours, our London Courses are available via subscription to all English language schools and departments based in and around the Capital. They are also designed to work for providers outside of London that are able to include a weekly trip into the City as a part of their curriculum activities.

Each of the four locations: Soho, South Bank, Westminster and Camden include a 30 minute audio tour and a week's (15 hours) worth of lesson materials with an additional ideas section for increasing the number of teaching hours.

Subscriptions to the London Courses come complete with all the equipment and resources needed to run them, including a hands-on staff training session at your school, run by our Educational Director Luke. There is also an option of a further training session on location for members of staff who wish to experience the audio tour first hand.

By integrating practical and focused classroom lessons and activities based on the audio content, our London Courses are uniquely contemporary and engaging.

Our audio tour courses can be integrated in a number ways:

Out on the streets of London