Bespoke Audio and Production - Listening Skills Commissions

We specialise in the creation of English listening skills lessons and course design for the EFL and ESL market, designing bespoke listening materials for publishers, websites, apps and schools, both nationally and globally.

Our audio content, written with the modern EFL learner in mind, becomes the basis for language input and focus of associated tasks and activities.

The immersive quality of our audio creates a unique platform for language learning by enhancing the listening experience and in turn the focus and intake of the learner. Listening materials have often been criticised as ineffectual and created as an afterthought or merely to contextualise a language point of a course book unit. Evolved from our own experience of seeing learners simply switch off when doing listening exercises, we have created a contemporary way of scripting audio that incorporates the modern production values that the modern learner expects.

Here is a case study from our collaboration with Onestopenglish. Part audio guide, part audio play, the course takes learners on a sonic journey from inside the classroom and promotes London as a fantastic, vibrant place to contextualise exciting and up-to-date language:

Onestopenglish - 'A Ghost's guide to London' Onestopenglish lesson sample