Time to listen.

We thought it fitting and most definitely timely to write a blog as we launch our new cinematic listening series on   The series – ‘A Time to Travel’ is about a time travelling teenage girl called Amber Adams. Associated to four Macmillan Education Cultural Readers: England, USA, Brazil and China, it was a… More »

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Spring Newsletter 2013


It feels like we’re writing an apologetic dear diary entry as it’s been a wee while since our last blog. What can we say? We’ve been busy! We’re currently putting the finishing touches to the scripts for our forthcoming One Stop English cinematic listening series – we can’t reveal too much, but we can safely… More »

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Winter 2012 Newsletter!

It’s (nearly) Christmas! Now before you all rush off to celebrate the festive season with family and friends, perhaps you could take a brief moment to question the whole concept of what it truly means to celebrate Christmas with our very own ‘uplifting’ Onestopenglish Christmas special! Closing in on 60,000 downloads for the series, Lord… More »

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Autumn 2012 Newsletter


With autumn upon us, fallen leaves scatter the London pavements and it’s a beautiful time to wrap up warm and venture onto the streets! This is also a great time to bring British culture into the heart of the classroom, with exciting annual festivals like Halloween and bonfire night just around the corner. We have… More »

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The Olympics! Sponsored by…

The Olympics is nearly here! Thank goodness for that, a happy and rousing occasion to drag us all out of the quagmire of recession, austerity and rain! We’re about to watch the world’s greatest sportsmen (drink Coke) and sportswomen (eat MacDonalds) compete for the (buy BP)… Hang on a minute, what’s going on here? What does this… More »

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Are we being creative enough?


After watching this inspiring TED lecture by the brilliant Ken Robinson and Spain winning the Euros so convincingly last night, this morning I found myself teaching Spanish to a group of year 3 Primary School children! I have less experience teaching children and Spanish, but much of the same ethos behind teaching English as a… More »

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My top 10 EFL coursebooks and resource books ever

My top 10 EFL coursebooks and resource books ever! Can you add number 10? Every teacher has a selection of favourite coursebook and resource book lessons, the ones you repeat again and again. These lessons seem to engage a plethora of interests found amongst your learners and it’s these lessons that, due to your familiarity… More »

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The Language of the beautiful game

The language of the beautiful game Among the toughest listening exercises a foreign language learner of English will ever encounter is the English commentary of a football match. Or perhaps catching a cliché ridden manager’s interview or rant, or even worse, the self satisfied punditry that exists in the game. Whenever you see a non-native… More »

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How to make the most out of a class trip

Here is a guest blog I wrote for TEFL London jobs! Can you add any of your own ideas regarding class trips – successful or not The class trip is a well known dilemma with teachers, students and Directors of Studies often having contentious ideas about their purpose. From my experience I’ve seen that frequently… More »

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Summer newsletter

With the raining bearing down insistently upon us, many people are asking the question: What on earth shall I do whilst cooped up inside today? The answer is simple – have a browse through our brand new website! Alongside our bespoke audio course creation and London courses, we have added a few new features including… More »

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