Bespoke Audio and Production - Educational Audio Production

We have moved our audio production to our sister company: Creative Listening. Please go here for more information.

We create groundbreaking listening resources for the EFL/ESL markets and beyond. Our audio production is exciting, contemporary and specifically designed to incorporate the use of immersive 3D sound effects, professional narration and original music scores.

A cinematic experience, we take the listener on a fantastic journey through a dynamic audio landscape; enhancing their enjoyment, intake and focus.

Having worked with clients as diverse as Onestopenglish (Macmillan Campus online), The National Trust, Warner Bros, The Guardian and the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA), our flexible team can handle all aspects of production, whatever your requirements.

Our audio production is suitable for a range of educational purposes and all age groups and we tailor-make our production to suit your specific themes and language.

Whether you're looking to create a promotional or cultural audio tour, publication, audio book (EFL reader), audio play, online listening course or listening database, then please get in touch.

Here are some examples of our work: