London Language Experience is the collaboration of two brothers.

James and Luke Vyner

Luke and James Vyner write, produce and create cutting edge audio and imaginative, contemporary teaching materials.

Together they write immersive audio scripts designed specifically for the benefit of language learners and incorporating 3D sound effects and original music. London Language Experience productions are thrilling, engaging and cinematic listening experiences that stimulate language input, memorisation and intake.

Alongside their London Courses, they have recently created a 6 part episodic series: 'A Ghost's guide to London' of listening lessons for Macmillan Campus online, available through Onestopenglish, about London and the colloquial and idiomatic language that fills its streets. Part audio guide, part audio play, the course takes learners on a sonic journey from inside the classroom and promotes London as a fantastic, vibrant place to contextualise exciting and up-to-date language.

Luke Vyner (Educational Director) is the younger of the brothers and comes from a songwriting and teaching background. As an experienced and Cambridge DELTA qualified teacher/ teacher trainer; Luke is responsible for the scripting, language grading and the creation of lesson plans. He has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and Director of Studies in London for several years and has been producing his own material since the early stages of his teaching career in Thessaloniki, Greece.

James Vyner (Creative Director) the older, wiser one researches, scripts and produces the audio recordings. Previously, he has taught advanced sound production techniques at Confetti College in Nottingham and he is a professional sound designer, musician, producer and internet expert. He's also the creator of the critically acclaimed Soundmap Audio Experiences, having created audio tours for various Museums, The Guardian, Warner Bros and The National Trust.

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