Bespoke Audio Courses

Create bespoken audio courses with London Language Experience

We create groundbreaking listening resources
for the EFL sector and beyond.

Our Audio Production is exciting, contemporary and cinematic, taking the listener on a sonic journey and enhancing their language intake and focus.

We have moved our audio production to our sister company: Creative Listening. Please visit for more information.

By utilising the cultural landscape of a school's location, we construct exciting and educational Audio Tour Courses that take students out onto the streets, bringing the language alive in multi-sensory learning experiences.

London Language Courses

Our Audio Tour Courses take students out on to the streets of London and bring the English language alive in a thrilling, contemporary and cinematic way.

Complete with integrated practical and focused classroom lessons and graded to multiple learner levels, each of the four course locations: Soho, South Bank, Westminster and Camden include a 30 minute audio tour and a week's worth of lesson materials.

Our London Courses can be integrated in a number of ways:

  • Incorporated into the General English timetable
  • Used as a separate, week long course
  • Employed as an alternative to the class trip